PSBS in partnership with PALAST holds its first annual conference entitled: Integrative Biology - Diversity for Sustainability Life and Bio-Economy

PSBS in partnership with PALAST holds its first annual conference entitled: Integrative Biology - Diversity for Sustainability Life and Bio-Economy

12 September, 2021

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First Session: Microbiology  

Adaptation and Diversity of Microorganisms to Grow and Reproduce in Extreme/Harsh Environments Dr Hanan Malkawi (Keynote speaker)

Association between water electrolytes and bacterial antibiotic resistance development in drinking water Arwa Mujahed

Comparison of antibody titers following different vaccination schedules for Infectious Bronchitis Virus on 2 chicken farms in Hebron Bushra Seif Hashlamoun

Second Session: Plant Biology 

Enabling an intelligent, sustainable and future-oriented bioeconomy: From problematic wastewater to circular water management with the help of algae? Dr Christina Kuchendorf (Keynote speaker)

The Agri-nanotechnology in Palestine challenges and perspectives Ahmed Alboraey

Microalgae and Biochar Agro-fertilization of the Palestinian Rehan Barley Cultivar Under Salinity Stress Ashwaq A. Najjar

Investigating Aneuploidy-Inducing Effect of Nemacur, Rogor, and Dursban in Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Cultures Hadeer Abu Warda

Effects of Alkalinity Stress on Ten Certified Palestinian Barley Cultivars during Seed Germination and Growth Stages Khalid Abu Shkhaidem and Jusef Amr 

In vitro evaluation of biochemical parameters for selected and certified barley cultivars grown under salinity and alkalinity stresses Gouzlan Awwad 

Synergic Effects of Salinity and alkalinity in Certified Ten Palestinian Barley Cultivars During Seed Germination and Growth Stages Abdallah Abu-zienah

Third Session: Molecular and Genetic Applications

Investigating effects of nutraceuticals on abilities of human diseased chondrocytes to from articular cartilage tissues in vitro Dr. Nehal Abo lail (Keynote speaker)

Functional Role of TET3 Enzyme in Breast Tumorigenesis Sondos Odeh

Correlation of Major Iron Metabolism Related-Genes Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Palestinian Patients Sabha Rabaya

Microsatellite Instability and Mismatch Repair Genes’ Variations Testing for the Identification of Individuals at Risk for Lynch Syndrome among Palestinian Colorectal Cancer Patients Dalia Abu Hilal

Bidirectional PCR Amplification of Specific Alleles (Bi PASA) for Detection of Booroola Gene Zygosity in Palestine Besan Fasfous and Wedad Morrar

Structural and functional compatibility of a novel mutation asp413asn and the gly420arg mutation in the factor x gene Osayd Zohud

Fourth Session: Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Conservation under Colonization: Towards sustainable human and natural communities in Palestine Mazin Qumsiyeh  (Keynote speaker)

On the Hunting of the Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix Linnaeus, 1758) Along the Mediterranean Coast of the Gaza Strip – Palestine Abdel Fattah N. Abd Rabou

Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water by Sodium Thiosulfate and its impact on health Adel salaymeh

Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metal Disseminated from Quarries and Their Consequences on Human Health in Hebron Governorate Ahd Mubarak, Amal Abuirmeila, Aya Imad and Dana Abu Khaled

Imperiled ecosystems in Palestine: Rare plants as Indicators Banan Al-Sheikh

Fifth Session: Medicinal Plants and Nutrition

Antileishmanial activity of selected medicinal plants in Palestine Omar Hamarsheh

Effect of transglutaminase on the film properties obtained by blending Nigella sativa protein concentrate and pectin Laialy Ali and Jehad Abbadi

Ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used by patients with gastrointestinal tract disorders in the Northern region of Palestine Nuha Shawareb

In Vitro Activity of Some Medicinal Plants on Blood Coagulation Ibtehajj Surakjii

In vitro anticancer effect of different extract types of ephedraaphylla and ephedra foemineaonhella cells Jamil Elaraj

Anti-migratory and anti-proliferative effects of Sumac plant on uterus cervix cancer Samer Abdallah

The feasibility of food fortification in Palestine; wheat flour and edible oils as examples Mohammad Souror 

Six Session: Biology of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases

Are we losing the war against covid-19? Status and prospects Ali Fattom  (Keynote speaker)

Health Status of β-Thalassemia Patients in the West Bank: A Retrospective Study Reem Aldwik

Hereditary Polyposis Syndromes among Palestinians: A Retrospective Study Suha Al Butmeh

Specification of blood meals ingested by female sand flies caught in Palestinian foci and identification of their concomitant leishmanial infections Kifaya Azmi

Induction of Apoptosis by Hypoxia in C-4 I Human Cervical Cancer Cells Walid Khalilia

Effect of Magnetic field on the growth of the cultured Entamoeba histolytica isolated from patients in Palestine Hala El-Khozondar

Recommendations and conclusion of the conference (Ar)