The third season of "Exploring Science" was launched with a lecture on Renewable Energy Sources: Opportunities and Challenges, with Prof. Ahmad Al-Salaymeh

The third season of "Exploring Science" was launched with a lecture on Renewable Energy Sources: Opportunities and Challenges, with Prof. Ahmad Al-Salaymeh

29 April, 2023

In cooperation with the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education launched the first episode of the "Explore Science" program in its third season virtually, in the middle of a remarkable interaction of students, who are interested in Science, Technology & Innovation.

Prof. Ahmad Al-Salaymeh was the guest of this episode. He is a Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, the University of Jordan. Currently, he is the presdient of the National University College of Technology (NUCT) which is a technical energy specialised in the renewable energy topics. He received his Ph.D. degree from Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany in 2001. M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees with honor from Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Jordan. He is an expert in the Field of Renewable Energy and Energy Regulation. He is Certified Energy Manager CEM, and Certified Carbon Reduction Manager CRM. Authorized trainer for the Association of Energy Engineer-AEE, USA. Team member / Reviewer for Environmental, health and safety of Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Photovoltaic Technology and evaluator for the First Solar PV production facility. He is a coordinator of many EU Erasmus + project in the field of Renewable Energy, Environment and climate change.

and he gave a distinguished lecture entitled: " Renewable Energy Sources: Opportunities and Challenges" which attracted the audience's interaction.

In this episode, the guest was addressed the global demand for energy and renewable energy: as well as the challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy sector, and presented with examples, including the Pumped Storage Hydropower, storage of batteries, storage of hydrogen, agrovoltaic energy and other examples.

At the beginning of the episode, The Director General for Innovations, Excellence and Achievements at MoE, Mr. Maree Alsos said that this program would be launched in its third edition after what the first & second seasons revealed about the excellence and a strong desire of students to get to know, explore, and to interview the guest scientists and researchers. He praised the guest Al-Salaymeh and his experience in this field of knowledge.

This episode was moderated by Dr. Duha Shellah, CEO of the researchist, and whose was nominated by MoE and PalAST to communicate with Palestinian Scientists in Diaspora and coordinate the schedules of Explore Program.


The meeting lasted for two hours, during which the students excelled in their enthusiasm and distinguished questions, which confirm the advanced level that our students have reached in critical thinking, scientific and social awareness, and their effort and academic excellence.

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