We need better healthcare for a better future, Say 2022 IAP Young Physician Leaders (YPL)

We need better healthcare for a better future, Say 2022 IAP Young Physician Leaders (YPL)

28 October, 2022

For the 12th edition of this programme, IAP selected a new cohort of 21 Young Physician Leaders from 18 countries for a two-day workshop in Berlin, Germany, followed by participation at the World Health Summit, this year organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

A global network of like-minded professionals is key to advance health worldwide. This is one of the key take-home messages of the 21 outstanding young physicians below the age of 40 convened by IAP from 13-19 October 2022 in Berlin, Germany, for the annual Young Physician Leaders (YPL) Programme.


The IAP YPL 2022 cohort at ESMT (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

The YPL Programme trains emerging leaders working in healthcare centres around the world and links them in a peer-support network. The 2022 cohort met on 13 October for a ‘meet and greet’ dinner. For the two following days they undertook an intensive leadership workshop at the headquarters of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).


Salome Maswime (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“I think that one of the major things that the YPL programme has achieved is to broaden the global opportunities for physicians who are not only researchers,” said Jo Boufford, IAP YPL Project Coordinator, who has been working on the programme since its inception in 2011.


YPL Zineb Ez-Zaitouni (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

Peer learning is one of the most powerful mechanisms of learning and the unique diversity of our YPL groups makes this programme special,” she added, highlighting that around 50% of the YPL alumni come from the Global South, and the selection process takes into account not only gender diversity, but also role diversity in terms of specializations and medical fields.


Jo Boufford, IAP YPL Project Coordinator (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

The 2022 workshop included many of the signature sessions that previous cohorts had attended, such as an introduction on leadership experiences, sessions on decision making with ESMT’s Francis de Vericourt, and reflections on leadership styles with ESMT’s Nora Grasselli.


Francis de Véricourt, Professor of Management Science and director of the Center for Decisions, Models and Data (DMD-Center) at ESMT Berlin (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

This year’s agenda also included an “ambidexterity exercise”, a game that uses a maze that emits an electronic beep when wrong choices are made – all aimed at helping participants understand the leadership challenge they are facing, i.e. successfully navigating the maze without talking.


The "ambidexterity exercise" (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“The question is: are you leading to innovate or execute?” explained Nora Grasselli.


Successfully navigating the maze without talking in not easy (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“There is a lot of innovation in healthcare, and I think [these] participants are extremely good at creating content for innovation in their fields,” she said.


Nora Grasselli, ESMT Programme Director (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“However, we know it's quite difficult to lead a team through an innovative process,” she added, noting that the game allowed YPLs to experience this process and the challenges of leadership where people make mistakes.


Milagro Sanchez Cunto in the middle of the electronic maze (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

The YPLs also visited the Bayer Foundation in Berlin, where a group of them presented the work they carry out in their daily lives, and to discuss innovation with Bayer Foundation experts.


The 2022 YPL cohort in front of the Bayer Foundation (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

On 15 October, the 2022 YPL cohort joined the Virchow Prize for Global Health Award Ceremony. The prize recognises and celebrates innovations with significant impact on the broad health challenges we face as a global community. The award honours lifetime achievements towards ‘Health for All’.

Primary health care is the best investment in promoting health and preventing disease – but it also operates as the “eyes and ears” of the health system, detecting and responding to outbreaks at their earliest stage,” said Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, during the ceremony.


Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“This is something that my brother John Nkengasong knows only too well,” he added presenting the winner of the inaugural award.

Nkengasong was later joined onstage by the founding president of the World Health Summit (WHS) Detlev Ganten, who is a former co-chair of IAP Health and a strong supporter of the YPL programme.


Detlev Ganten (left) and John Nkengasong (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

The WHS itself is a leading international forum for global health. In 2022 it took place in Berlin and virtually from 16 to 18 October and the YPLs not only joined it as guests: they were also challenged to develop and present a session during the final day of the Summit.


A full room for the IAP YPL session at the World Health Summit (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

A full room welcomed the YPLs who presented on ‘Effective Leaders for Effective Health Systems’ (you can watch the recording of the session here). The session included three different topics: ‘Leadership and leadership experiences’, ‘Women and healthcare: A YPL perspective’, and ‘Digital health: A YPL perspective’. A lively Q&A session followed each section of the event, with questions posed by activists, students, and even Sibongiseni Dhlomo, the Deputy Minister of Health of South Africa.


Sibongiseni Dhlomo, the Deputy Minister of Health of South Africa (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“We spent a good time together, [and] we had an amazing experience,” summed up at the end of the session Paolo Parente, a YPL from Italy.


The YPL session at the World Health Summit (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“We arrived here from all corners of the world with several ideas on what we should have expected but I think that what we have lived in these days has been amazing,” he added.


YPL Duha Shellah (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

“Thank you to the InterAcademy Partnership for doing it, for allowing us to join this great experience, and thank you all for all the support, the questions, and to be committed, as all of us, for a better healthcare in the future,” he concluded.


YPL Paolo Parente (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

This ongoing IAP programme once more had the collaboration of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) with the support of the Tides Foundation, the Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Bayer Foundation.


Group photos at the end of the World Health Summit (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)

More photos are available here:


The 2022 IAP YPL cohort at ESMT (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Jo Boufford (right) at ESMT (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Milagro Sanchez Cunto (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Group discussion (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Salome Maswime (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Samuel Knauss in front of the 2022 YPL cohort at the Bayer Foundation (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Nora Grasselli, ESMT Programme Director, presenting on leadership (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Duha Shellah (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Muthoni Kareithi, IAP Project Assistant, and Duha Shellah (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


Jo Boufford (left) and Herve Monka Lekuya (photo: G. Ortolani/IAP)


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