“You Be the Chemist", a lecture by Professor Hussein Samha in "Explore Science"

“You Be the Chemist", a lecture by Professor Hussein Samha in "Explore Science"

3 April, 2022

In cooperation with the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology and the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, the Ministry of Education hosted Professor Hussein Sahma in the finfth episode of the "Explore Science" program in its second season virtually. 

This lecture, with its interesting title: "You be the Chemist"; demonstrate an Interesting scientific topics about learning and teaching chemistry, and review a models that used in some American schools; Through an awareness program carried out there, and he showed a video “Fun with Gas”; that simplify the students' understanding of the models raised by the guest in his lecture.



It was moderated by Nahar Al-Ashkar, and Ahmed Ali; From the Directorate of Education - Salfit. Also, The Exploring Science Program hosted Dr. Michel Hanania , Dean f the Faclty of Science at Bethlehem University, as an expert on the seminar's topic, which lasted for more than two hours of dialogue and discussion between the guest and the guest participants.

It is noteworthy that Professor Samaha holds a PhD in Chemistry from New Mexico State University, and he is a visiting professor at Brigham Young University, and he is currently working at Southern Utah University.