Nanotechnology Symposium Material


Perovskite Materials and Spiro-MeOTAD in PerovskiteSolar Cells Zafer Hawash

Magnetic and Thermal Properties of a Semiconductor Quantum Dot with Rashba Spin – Orbit Parameter and Applied External Fields Amal Aldarawshe

Synthesis, characterization  and optical properties of ZnO nanostructures: from nanoparticles to nanorods Ishaq Musa

Moving and stopping ferrofluid droplets using surface tension gradients and magnetic fields Khalid F. Eid

Construction & Physical Properties of Engineered Connective Tissue Enriched with Modified Carbon Nanotubes Naim Kittana

Continuous flow photodegradation of olive Zebar contaminants with simulated solar light using supported ZnO nanoparticles Ibrahim Nassar

Heat assisted structural evolutions and related optical transitions in Yb nanosandwiched CuSe films Olfat A. Omareya

Manganese Oxides Nanostructure for Supercapacitors Applications Wajdy Rajab

Simulation of Solar Cell Structure Models Based on Nanoparticles Khuloud Abu Shaar

Agricultural and Biomedical Applications of Bionanotechnology to Tackle Grand Societal Challenges Irfan S. Ahmad

National French Network in Micro and Nanotechnology Prospect of Cooperation with Palestinian Academic Institutes Ahmad Bseisi

Nanotechnology in Palestine; Reality, Challenges, and Prospects Talal Shahwan

Optimization of Low value Electrodeposition Parameters of Nano-Structured NiO Electrochromic Thin Films Iyad Saadeddin 

Photo-degradation of water-organic contaminants and bacteria with safe sensitized TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles: green sustainable method for water purification Ahed Zyoud

NanoTheranostics for personalized cancer care Bulent Aydogan

Nanotechnology in Gaza: Reality, Challenges & prospects Amal Alkahlout

Manganese Oxides Nanostructure for Supercapacitors Applications Jehad Asa'd

Design and Optical Characterization of Indium Sandwiched Molybdenum Trioxide Thin Films Haifaa Kmail

Monitoring titanium dioxide engineered nanoparticles in environmental systems Mohammed Baalousha

Application of Nanotechnology in Cancer therapy: A Research Case in Palestine Mohyeddin Assali

Perovskite solar cells free of hole transport layer Hussam Musleh

Nanotechnology in Microbiology Abdelraouf A. Elmanama

Antimicrobial & Anticancer Activities of Synthesized Green Metal Nanoparticles Using Minerals Waste Recycling by Green Methods Salah El Sadi

Theoretical and experimental analysis of energy in charging a capacitor by step-wise potential Sami M. Al Jaber

Role of nanotechnology for developing high tech from lab to consumer Munir H. Nayfeh

Enhancement of Reactive Red 198 Dye Photocatalytic Degradation using Physical Mixtures of ZnO-Graphene Nanocomposite and TiO2 Nanoparticles: An Optimized Study by Response Surface Methodology Samer Abuzerr