Abdulrahman Sawalma

Abdulrahman Sawalma

PGSB Fellow
Al-Quds University & RWTH Aachen University

Department: Biochemistry and molecular biology

Faculty: Medicine

Specialization: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Herzallah

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative (PNI)

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Jürgen Dammers

Center in Juelich: Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine - 4 (INM-4)

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH Aachen University

Faculty: Medicine

The mission research period: 2019-2022

Title of Research: The Electrophysiology of Depression and Chronodisruption

Research Purpose: This research aims to study the interaction between clinical depression and disruption of the biological clock. It will focus on the cognitive, neurophysiological as well as biological clock aspects of deprssion. We will measure brain signals of patients on the millisecond resolution to understand 
Main outputs/results: No results yet

Main Impact: This project will allow for a better understanding of the impact of depression on the cognitive functions and the functionality of the brain.