Asmaa Mohammed Hussien Masharqa

Asmaa Mohammed Hussien Masharqa

PGSB Fellow
Palestine Polytechnic University & An Najah National University

SpecialIzation: Green Chemistry 

Accurate Specialization: Phytoremediation and Soil Water Management

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Sharaf Al-Tardeh1 & Dr. Heba Al-Fares2

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: 1Applied Biology/ Faculty of Applied Sciences/ Palestine Polytechnic University , 2 Faculty of Agriculture, An Najah National University 

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Prof Roland Bol 

Center in FZJ: Institute of Bio- and Geosciences Agrosphere (IBG-3) 

Affiliated University in Germany: 

Title of  Research: Integrating phytoremediation and LECA based techniques in constructed wetlands for heavy metal removal from polluted waters

Research Purpose: Clays in general have great affinity to adsorb HMs, and this can be implying on LECA as a clay-based product. LECA contains large amounts of Al and Fe oxide and this will increase the sorption capacity for HMs. In addition, crushed LECA possess high surface area (3 m2 g-1) which will increase the available sites for more retention of HMs ions. On the other hand, phytoremediation is well known as a green technology for HMs clean up using CWs. We hypothesize that integrate the three components: CWs, LECA and plants in one system will offer an optimum remediation for the selected HMs from water.

Aims of the research: The objective of this project is to investigate the potential of phytoremediation technique integrated with LECA on treating HMs contaminated water using CW technology. The removal of HMs from water and wastewater in CWs will be studied both theoretically and experimentally.

Research Cluster: Sustainable Agriculture Research Cluster

Role in the research Cluster: PhD Student