Dr. Alaedin Alsayed

Dr. Alaedin Alsayed

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
Alaqsa University

Department: Business Administration

Faculty: Administration and Finance

Specialization: Human Resource Management

FRQ Research Area: Society and Culture Sciences 

Host university: Concordia University

Host Department: Department of Finance

Canadian Partner: Dr. Lorne Nelson Switzer

Research Domain: Organizational Development

Research Project Title: Compensation and Financial Performance in Gaza vs. the West Bank

Research Project Purpose: Human resources play a pivotal role in the government sector. The wages and salaries of employees occupy the largest part of the Palestinian Authority’s budget, and constitute the biggest challenge facing its provision, and thus it is the most affected item in the budget when facing financial crises. On the other hand, the human resource is the most important thing ever to implement the policies of the Palestinian Authority and fulfill its roles, and therefore, infringing upon the employees' wages and salaries is a critical matter. The Palestinian Authority has faced several challenges that affected its ability to pay the salary bill, which is increasing without an increase in donor allocations. Fiscal austerity policies, including early retirement of military personnel, have given an indication of the difficulty of managing financial performance, especially in light of the disparity between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Therefore, this study will shed light on ways to bridge the gap between compensation management as the main driver of the government human resource and the extent of this impact on improving financial performance, taking into account important variables such as the average cost of living in both Gaza and the West Bank.

Expected Results: This project may expose the extent of the efficiency of the Palestinian Authority in managing compensation for human resources for public employees. Then presenting a suggested framework of an effective financial policy to improve financial performance regarding public employees' compensation. In addition to, exposing the factors affecting the formulation of the financial policy for the wages item specifically and providing alternatives to reduce its sensitivity. Therefore, this project can provide a vision to improve the financial performance of the Palestinian Authority by rationalizing compensation management on the one hand and maximizing the value of human capital on the other.