Dr. Raed Daraghma 

Dr. Raed Daraghma 

Faculty Member- Communications 
Palestine Technical University Kadoorie & University of Remis Champagne Ardenne

Department: Engineering

Faculty: Electrical 

Specialization:  Communications 

Host French partner:  University of Remis Champagne Ardenne 

Host Department:  Department of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science

French Partner: Professor Hacène Fouchal

Research Domain:  Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks, Cyber-security, eHealth Systems, Networking, Testing, Verification, Intelligent Transport Systems

Research Project Title:  Narrowband Internet of Things for Remote Healthcare Monitoring

Research Project Purpose:  This project has specific aims.

  • Designing an NBIoT based system customized for healthcare purposes. To do that, we implement the system and compare it with several available systems. Results will be collected for many different input data sets so that the different techniques can be performance measured and compared. 
  • Selecting the appropriate firmware by comparing the best devices with available ones through simulation of a light NBIoT. This may lead to the optimization of the existing algorithms or the development of new algorithms to speed up the simulation.
  • The output results will help to reduce cost and simultaneously improve the quality of services provided, also help to reduce the necessity of periodic health checking of the patient by the health professional, proper medication can provided on the diagnosing the vital signs and hence proper care can be provided to the patient.

Main outputs/results: 

  •  Developing a new algorithm to enhance the NBIoT devices battery life by reducing energy consumption for transmissions, 
  • Developing a mechanism that enables NBIoT devices to transmit the most recent updates during idle modes, which will reduce the time required for data transmission, reduce transmission congestion, and reduce transmission latency.
  • Building a prototype based on NBIoT for healthcare

Expected future impact: The results of the project will include theoretical and technical contributions to the field of NBIoT and ICT. In addition, the results will include NBIoT based prototype for remote healthcare monitoring which can be used in normal life conditions or during crisis such as COVID19 pandemic. 
Future Plan:  The project will encourage other researchers, PhD students, master degree students to conduct research in the NBIoT field. The results will include theoretical and technical contributions to the field of ICT, and a prototype for remote healthcare monitoring utilizing NBIoT. The mobile wireless communication companies can also utilize the project results by integrating NBIoT with the existing communication infrastructure.

Main Impact: the project will have great impact on the research outcome in both countries, as the results will be published in highly ranked peer reviewed journals and conferences. The researchers will also promote the results through other channels such as social media and mass media. Besides improving the society healthcare can open new investment, the prototype can open new investments and job opportunities.