Dr. Shadi Abudalfa

Dr. Shadi Abudalfa

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS)

Department: Information Technology


Specialization: Computer Science and Engineering

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology

Host university: Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC)

Host Department:  Department of Computer Science and Mathematics / LIARA laboratory 

Canadian Partner: Professor Kévin Bouchard 

Research Domain: Human Activity Recognition

Research Project Title: Semi-Supervised Learning to Improve Performance of Human Activity Recognition for Physical Rehabilitation

Research Project Purpose: In this work, we will investigate the potential of researching and developing a smart system for human activity recognition. The proposed system will help cognitively-impaired and injured people by providing direct support services. The input is a data collected by a variety of sensors and the output is adequate support service. The proposed approach will be based on recently introduced semi-supervised learning techniques. We will build also a new dataset to show efficiency of our system and provide experimental results.

Expected Results: Smart system for human activity recognition