Hasan Sbaihat

Hasan Sbaihat

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University-Palestine & RWTH Aachen University

Department: Medical Imaging Department

Faculty: Allied Medical Sciences

Specialization: Medical Imaging 

Accurate Specialization: Neuroscience and medicine.

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Abed Al-Nasser Assi.

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Medical Imaging Department/Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences / The Arab American University – Palestine.

Degree aims: Ph.D

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Irene Neuner

Center in Juelich: Full Name with abbreviation: Institute of neuroscience and medicine (IMN-4)

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH Aachen University.

Department: Psychiatrie and Psychotherapie

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine

The mission research period: from May. 2018 – to May.2021

Title of Research: Simultaneous MR-PET-EEG Imaging - Multimodal Data Integration.

Research Purpose: To find new diagnostic methods for neurological and psychiatric disorders using functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Sharing lectures: Functional Connectivity of the human brain using magnetic resonance imaging fMRI”, Palestine academy for science and technology- Ramallah, URL link: http://www.palast.ps/en/news/academy-seminar-pgsb-fellow-hassan-sbaihat-fzj-topic-functional-connectivity-human-brain-using

Sharing Conferences: fMRI functional connectivity, Lecture, Jan.2020, AAUP.