Ola Zeyad Rashed Mashaqi

Ola Zeyad Rashed Mashaqi

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University / Palestine; AAUP & Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTIT)

Specialization: Data Science and Business Analytics

Palestinian supervisor: Ahmad Hasasneh.

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Data Science and Business Analytics / Data Science Faculty / AAUP university. 

Degree aims: MSc 

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Jurgen Dammers

Center in FZJ: Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM)

Affiliated University in Germany: 

Title of Research: A machine learning approach for EEG data augmentation and gender classification.

Research Purpose: As there is a noticeable quantitative deficiency when dealing with and analyzing EEG signals, there is a need to increase the volume of data that will be trained using machine learning in order to raise efficiency and reach a generalizable model.
To fill the gap of lack of obtainable data, several different models will be trained to generate data (data augmentation) and choose the best and enhanced approach that leads to a more accurate gender classification based on the new generated data model.

Aims of the research: Analyzing and conducting representative Data Augmentation (DA) techniques for EEG signals / Developing new efficient ways to enhance datasets / Use ML approaches to assess the efficiency of the obtained dataset / Use deep learning strategies to analyze the EEG data and use it in the gender classification matter.

Research cluster: Neuroscience 

Role in the research cluster: developing deep learning strategies for the analysis of MEG data