Prof. Mohammed Zedan Salem

Prof. Mohammed Zedan Salem

PQSB 2nd Call Participant
University College of Applied Sciences UCAS

Department: Business Department

Specialization: Marketing 

FRQ Research Area: Society and Culture Sciences

Host university: University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, and McGill University

Host Department: Department of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Canadian Partner: Prof. Myriam Ertz & Prof. Emine Sarigollu

Research Domain: Marketing

The mission research period: Two months

Research Project Title: I have been involved in three research papers, the first two papers are about demarketing of Electricity Consumption in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, and the third one is about demarketing of single use plastic in Canada

Research Project Purpose: This paper assesses potential for reduction in electricity consumption in Palestine in response to demarketing strategy, and moderating effects of key consumer characteristics.

Main outputs/results: The results confirmed the consistent positive effect of promotion, place, and product under specific consumer states, namely higher consumer awareness, higher motivation to reduce electricity consumption, and more favorable attitudes toward the supply company.

Expected future impact: By adopting a demarketing framework, this study proposes energy conservation practices to reduce overall consumer demand for electricity 

Future Plan:

  • Continuing to conduct qualitative and quantitative scientific research in the field of marketing and publish them in prestigious international journals worldwide
  • Continuing close cooperation with my Canadian colleagues in the field of scientific research and research projects that would add value to the existing body of research which would help all academia worldwide.

Main Impact: Continuing to publish in international journals that are indexed in Thomson Reuters with high impact factors

Sharing lectures:

  • I delivered a lecture for the academic staff in the university of Quebec in Chicoutimi regarding two of my published papers.
  • I also delivered two lectures for students at McGill university (3 hours each)
  • Held discussion of our future collaboration in the field of scientific research and funded projects, as well as the collaboration between the university College of Applied Sciences and the two Canadian Universities

Publication: The three researches are under review in international journals with high impact factors

Sustainable cooperation after the visit: There is a continuous co-operation with the Canadian Partner.

Project Presentation and Testimonial Video: