Rawan Mlih

Rawan Mlih

PGSB Fellow
Hebron University & RWTH Aachen University

Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture

Specialization: Agriculture Science

Accurate Specialization: Soil Science 

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Mohannad Jazar and Dr. Nader Yaghi

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Department of Biology and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Hebron University.

Degree aims:  PhD.

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Roland Bol and Prof. Erwin Klumpp

Center in Juelich: IBG-3, Agrosphere Institute.

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH, Aachen University.

Department: Institute for Environmental Research.

Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences.

The mission research period: from 2018 – to 2021.

Title of Research: Transport of metal nanoparticles in porous media for water remediation purposes.

Research Purpose: The research aims to invest in new, environmental friendly technology for water remediation from pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorous, heavy metals and organic pollutants. We work on model materials as quartz sand and light expanded clays aggregates as filtration media.

Main outputs/results: To understand the behavior of the metal nanoparticles in soil and other porous material used as filtration media for water remediation. The research involves manipulation of various parameters such as water flow, ionic strength, solution and material pH and nanoparticles concentration to attain the optimum removal of pollutants from water.

Main Impact: The integration of nanoparticles in filtration process of wastewater or polluted water has beneficial potential on water purification.

Nanomaterials can offer numerous advantages for water treatment due to their large exposed surface area which increases their interactivity with different pollutants exist in water with minimum cost and high efficiency.

Publications: Light-expanded clay aggregate (LECA) as a substrate in constructed wetlands – A review.