Sameh Othman

Sameh Othman

PGSB Fellow
Birzeit University & Cologne University

Department: Physics Department

Faculty: Science Faculty

Specialization: Biophysics

Accurate Specialization: softmatter 

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Abdallah SayyedAhmad

Palestinian Supervisor Affiliation: Physics Department/ Science Faculty/ Birzeit University 

Degree aims:  MSc

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Thorsten Auth

Center in Juelich: Institute of Complex Systems 2  ICS-2

Affiliated University in Germany: Cologne University

Department: Physics department

Faculty: Science faculty 

The mission research period : Oct 2017- Sept 2018

Title of  Research: Nanoparticle-Membrane Interactions, A systematic study of the electric charge contribution to the wrapping process

Research Purpose: To study nanoparticle-membrane interactions due to the electric charge components of the membrane or surface chage on the particle.

Main outputs/results: Find if a particle with a specific charge density is more favorable to be wrapped or stay away from the membrane.

Main Impact: Design nanoparticle to target specific cells in the body and avoid toxicity and achieve a successful drug delivery.

Publication:  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29501.08164