Sara Abu Zayed

Sara Abu Zayed

PGSB Fellow
 Birzeit University & RTWH Aachen University

Department: Physics

Faculty: Faculty of Science

Specialization: Physics

Accurate Specialization: Major physics/ minor Mathematics

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Hazem Abusara

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Birzeit university

Degree aims: BSc

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Ghlaeb Natour, Dr. Robert Lohoff, Dr. Eberhard Rosenthal

Center in Juelich: Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics – Engineering and Technology (ZEA-1)

Affiliated University in Germany:  RTWH Aachen University

Department: Mechanical Engineering     

The mission research period :  21.02.2020 - 30.09-2020
Title of  Research:  Measurement of Deformation due to Thermal Effect on Carbon Fiber Composite Structure 

Research Purpose: In Particle physics experiments, the Modern support structures carry the Particle detectors are made of Carbon foams & Carbon Fibers. In addition to the detectors, the support structure carries the front-end electronics which introduce heat to the structure and may affect it. The position of particle detectors must be stable. So, the heat effect on the geometry must be studied. 
Within the scope of this work, heat is to be introduced on a test piece by glued-on resistors. The heat distribution of the surface and the deformation are to be measured with Thermographic camera and Digital Image Correlation system, respectively.