Academy Newsletter Volume 8, Issue 1- 2012

Academy Newsletter Volume 8, Issue 1- 2012

Editorial by Dr. Imad Khatib, Secretary General

On the Arab Spring, Innovation, and the Science Fund

“Arab Spring”

Social networks; where knowledge and communications are their keys, have contributed decisively to the recent so-called “Arab Spring.” Arab nations in Arab countries are striving for liberty after they struggled to dismantling fear barriers. Knowledge is no more the monopoly of dictators’ regimes, and people could finally access information and knowledge, share and discuss them, make their “own” judgment, and then decide. As “Liberty means responsibility,” people must make sure that from now on leaders and decision makers should be evaluated by their performance serving their people’s needs... .  


In its effort to strengthen Academic-Private cooperation and in partnership with the ministries of Higher Education and National Economy, PALAST has conducted surveys to measure innovation in several national private sectors namely; the stone cutting and fabrication, the food and beverages, the pharmaceutical industries and in ICT software development companies. Based on the European community innovation survey questionnaire which was developed on the bases of the Oslo Manual, results obtained and published in the STIO page of PALAST web site were found highly promising... .

The Science Fund

Science fund (SF) initiative met enthusiasms from whoever knew about it. However, enthusiasm is not the only recipe for making it a reality. There is a growing national demand for funding directive research and innovative ideas that focus on national strategic needs, and that could start the wheel of real science based sustainable development. The Palestinian science and research system has the entire important ingredients for activating responsible national scientific research... .