What We Do

Science Bridges

The bridges aim to strengthen Palestinian national capacities in various areas of science, technology, research and innovation through joint educational, research, and knowledge exchange programs with international institutions.

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Scientific Societies

National scientific societies and clusters play a significant role in the advancement of  teaching, learning and research in various disciplines by organizing knowledge dissemination and collaborative disciplinary scientific activity.

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Expatriate Scholars

The Academy is engaging Palestinian expatriate scholars and experts in building a thriving resilient Palestine.


S&T Policy Advisory

The Academy offers independent expert advice on strategic national matters, and science related policy issues across the various social, economic and technological sectors; a platform to engage in science policy research, assessment and advocacy.

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We organize and implement collaborative projects at the national, regional and international levels that correspond with our national strategies for science and research development, with partners from academia, government and industry.

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Science Outreach

To raise public awareness and interest in science and research, the Academy and partners will undertake multifaceted public engagement programs focused on communicating science-related topics to wider non-expert audiences

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