Science Bridges

The Academy seeks to build bridges of scientific and technological cooperation between Palestine and other countries around the world. Such “bridges” help strengthen Palestinian national capacities in various areas of science, technology, research and innovation. They offer Palestinian researchers at universities, research centers and government agencies valuable opportunities to engage in collaborative research with counterparts in international partner institutions. They also offer outstanding students with opportunities for postgraduate studies in host universities with joint supervision. 
All Palestinian universities have joined the Science Bridge Program through accession agreements. Two Science Bridge Programs are currently active and running, and a few more are in the pipeline. 


Steering Committee

A steering committee, comprised of representatives from partner Palestinian universities, directs and oversees the implementation of the bridge program and provides conditions for their sustainable impact.
In particular, the steering committee is mandated with the following responsibilities

  • Organizing outreach and information dissemination activities in all universities.
  • Overseeing the selection process of faculty and student candidates undertaken by the advisory committee.
  • Stimulating the effective engagement of students and researchers from their respective universities in the program activities, and optimizing the benefits from the various study and research opportunities offered by the two programs. 
  • Formulating joint perspectives in relation to program impact and long term sustainability. 
  • Proposing ways and means of inter-university research collaboration in related research areas. 
  • Guide the organization of program related events in Palestine including expert meeting, workshops, short term visits, ..etc.


Former Steering Commitee members

Meet the Steering Committee members