Palestinian Mathematical Society

Historical perspective

The Palestinian Society for Mathematical Sciences was first established in 1992, headed by Professor Marwan Awartani (1992-1997), and later by Professor Mohammad Amla (2000-2007). The Society was founded to promote and develop mathematical education  and research, and aimed to create a tradition of scientific and professional cooperation and exchange of knowledge between the Palestinian mathematicians through join research and publishing initiatives, conferences, seminars and workshops. In addition, the Society supported the interaction and collaboration between the Palestinian and international scientific community.  It held four scientific annual conferences in 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000, and  founded the Mathematical Olympiad. Following the Second Intifada, the Society’s activity was halted due to the security situation.

From the historical archive, take a look at the First Annual Mathematical Conference Program

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Studies and Reports

  • Read the short study on "The Reality of Scientific Research in the Field of Mathematics in Palestinian Universities Based on Google Scholar", in Arabic 
  • Read the report on " Students' Reluctance to Study Mathematics and Physics at the Different Palestinian Universities: Reasons and Recommendations", in Arabic

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