Palestinian Physics Society (PPS)

Historical perspective

The society was established in 1994 by the efforts of Palestinian physicists interested in physics. Bylaws were formulated and an administrative board was elected once every two years from holders of M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in physics. The Palestinian Physics Society was created to promote knowledge about physical phenomena in the Palestinian society and to develop physics teaching methodology in Palestinian schools, institutions and universities via different networks for communication and debate among Palestinian Physicists.  Another aim was to raise the professional and social standing of Palestinian physicists.  A third objective is to expand the common ground between Palestinian physicists and their Arab and international counterparts. The society performed several activities including an annual meeting containing public lectures in physics and physics education.

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Studies and Reports

  • Read the study abstract on "The Reality of Scientific Research in Physics in Palestinian Universities", in Arabic 
  • Read the report on " Students' Reluctance to Study Mathematics and Physics at the Different Palestinian Universities: Reasons and Recommendations", in Arabic

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