On September 1st, 2018, the Academy had its second sitting President since its initial enactment in 1994. Having been operated with interim bylaws, the Academy is undertaking a major effort towards institutionalization and legal and organizational consolidation. This will shortly culminate in the presidential endorsement of its articles on incorporation and associated governance and organizational structure and forming its board of directors. The Academy fellows will also be elected.

Board of Directors

The BoD approves strategic plans, annual budgets and audited reports as well as policies and procedures. It oversees the good governance and the well-functioning of various divisions and units of the Academy. The BoD avails resources that help the academy fulfill its mission and realize its  objectives.

The Academy Council

The Council consists of Academy fellows and associate fellows in addition to senior representatives of key stakeholders in the science, technology and innovation system
The council assumes the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Formulate strategies, policies and programs that serve the Academy’s mission
  • Facilitate and support the work of various units of the academy 
  • Catalyze the creation of effective collaborative linkages between various components of the science, technology and innovation system
  • Set up specialized permanent and ad-hoc committees to tackle emerging national issues as deemed necessary
  • Produce a periodic report on the state of STI in Palestine
  • Prepare the annual budget