Follow up MIT meeting – Research and Education Exploratory Committee Meeting towards STEM Mentorship Program

Follow up MIT meeting – Research and Education Exploratory Committee Meeting towards STEM Mentorship Program

30 تموز, 2020

Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) hosted virtual meeting via Videoconference with research and education exploratory committee on Tuesday 14 July 2020. The meeting was attended by HE Minister Prof. Marwan Awartani, Dr. Yousef Najajreh, Dr. Reham Nazzal and Dr. Rana Samara. The meeting was a follow up to the third international meeting for science in Palestine, held at MIT  10-12 January 2020,  and following discussions at MIT, the research and education committees drafted a proposal for developing and launching a “Mentorship Program for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM) Faculty at Palestinian Universities”. 

The Mentorship program will target Faculty Staff, Alumni students, and aims at creating a professional working alliance in which Palestinian Scholars work together with International Scientists in a well-structured Mentorship framework. This program aims towards

  1. Promoting science excellence in Palestine
  2. Strengthening the networking with international senior scientists and world-class academic institutions
  3. Working  to invest in  minds and direct Palestinian Scholars to the appropriate research environment
  4. Attract students to the important disciplines that accelerate  the scientific development. 

The long-term goal is to build a highly knowledgeable Palestinian Society capable of tackling the 21st century challenges through developing solution based on science, technology, innovation, that are specifically tailored to the local Palestinian context.

This is hoped to provide the Palestinian Academic and Education sector with outstanding solutions that adopt evidence based scientific strategies and develop society, economy, health, industry, and general welfare of Palestinians. 

The Palestine Academy and Scientists for Palestine S4P organization in cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, will follow-up to work on logistical support and to implement the activities and programs proposed by the exploratory committees, encouraging the Palestinian universities to adopt it. 

S4P will work to encourage the use of international resources, to attract the most prominent experts in the world in the topics proposed by each committee and seeking to find possible funding for the initiatives emanating from the committees.

At the end of meeting, HE Minister Prof. Marwan Awartani suggested to adopt a holistic approach bridging science and education development in secondary high schools to the running developments in Palestinian Higher Education Institutions,  and to establish school-field and Online STEMM Programs, mutually developed and run by both sides. This initiative will be a cooperation between PALAST and MoE, by engaging the scientific societies at PALAST.