PYA Participates in GRYPS with PALAST technical support

PYA Participates in GRYPS with PALAST technical support

6 تموز, 2021

Dr Sandy Lama, chairwoman of PYA, and PALAST participated in the opening session of the training course in writing grant proposals for young Palestinian researchers. This training course aimed to introduce participants to the methodological steps and skills needed to prepare research proposals for projects that need funding, and to enable them to develop and submit their own project proposals to different funding organizations after the end of the training course (GRYPS Website)

Dr Omar Abu Abed, a member of PYA, joined the team responsible for organizing the training course as a distinguished expert trainer.

Dr. Suha Al-Madbouh, a member of the Executive Committee of PYA, was invited as a keynote speaker during the training session. She gave a presentation on: Recognizing Acceptance of Grant Proposals: What Really Matters! She explained some issues that must be evaluated first before starting to write and submitting the proposal, in order to get a proposal that can compete with other proposals submitted for the desired grant.

Dr Shadi Abudalfa and Dr Hazem Elbaz, both members of PYA, attended the course as participants as well.

PYA was happy to participate in this training course and provide support for Palestinian researchers with PALAST support. In the opening speech, the chairwoman of PYA clarified the role of the Academy which was established by Palestinian young academics in Europe and Palestine in December 2019 as an initiative operating under the umbrella of PALAST.  She emphasized that PYA aims to stimulate ideas that connect Palestinian scholars and enhance the capabilities of the academic community and young academics in Palestine and abroad.

The PYA operates independently in a democratic manner whereby an elected Executive Committee and a Chairwoman of the Executive Committee manage the activities and develop plans for cooperation. The Academy aspires to achieve a balanced and proper representation of the Palestinian scientific community in the world.