2nd PGSB Advisory Committee Meeting via Videoconference

2nd PGSB Advisory Committee Meeting via Videoconference

17 November, 2020

The Palestinian German Science Bridge Advisory Committee 2nd meeting took place via Videoconference, to discuss several topics.
The PGSB Advisory Committee started with a short status update on the project activities, including

  • The arrival of 8 new students in Jülich, despite travel restriction, and the successful continuation of 20 ongoing PhD projects
  • Continued exchange and planning of our 5 research clusters
  • Work on the PGSB Fellows competition is nearing completion
  • PGSB Blog under construction

Next was a scientific presentation and question session with candidate for a postdoctoral fellowship, Asmaa Qdemat, based on her presentation and application documents, the advisory committee approved her application for a fellowship. 

Finally, the advisory committee agreed to postpone the 6th call for PGSB Fellows until early 2021 due to the current mobility limitations. The next advisory committee meeting will be to judge the results of the PGSB Fellows Competition in December 2020.