The Academy hosted ECOPAL Forum to work under its umbrella - Joint Cooperation

The Academy hosted ECOPAL Forum to work under its umbrella - Joint Cooperation

19 August, 2020

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology agreed to host  the Scientific Forum for Conservation of Nature in Palestine (ECOPAL Forum) to work under its umbrella as a mechanism for future cooperation, which launched with mutual coordination and understanding of both sides.

This step is a continuation of the Academy’s policy to assist Palestinian researchers, enhance communication and networking with Palestinian scientists at national level and in the Diaspora. The Academy will provide administrative support and follow-up to empower ECOPAL Forum and in cooperation with all Palestinian environmental Institutions. 

ECOPAL is an initiative which started in the Wild life Society in 2017 with the participation of six Palestinian universities and the Palestinian Environmental Quality Authority, and was launched under the auspices of Al-Quds University in 2018. The administration of ECOPAL includes the presidency of Al-Quds University and representatives of Palestinian universities, the Environmental Quality Authority and the Wild life Society. Scientific activities and meetings were held and organized at the Arab American University and An-Najah National University with the aim of stimulating scientific research through university students, especially graduate studies, and the forum works to mobilize specialized scientific experts and field activists to protect the Palestinian nature. It is unique mission to focus on scientific community in conservation of nature and environment. 

The new relationship will be in support of specialized work among Palestinian competencies, and the forum will work, through its presence under the umbrella of the Academy to expand its base to include all those interested and active in environmental affairs, thus activating the tripartite partnership that brings together the public, academic and civil sectors for promising achievements in protecting the Palestinian environment.