The Academy participated in the French Palestinian Day in Paris, a follow up towards establishing Palestinian French Science Bridge

The Academy participated in the French Palestinian Day in Paris, a follow up towards establishing Palestinian French Science Bridge

21 November, 2019

The Academy, represented by Dr. Ayman Al Haj Daoud, Director of Publication and R&D Affairs Division and Science Bridges Coordinator, participated in the second French Palestinian Days (18-19 November 2019), co-organized by the French Consulate in Jerusalem and Campus France, in Paris, France, with the participation of French and Palestinian Higher Education and Research representatives. The First French and Palestinian Conference Days organized by the Campus France and the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem were held in Ramallah on the 22nd November 2016. The objective of this second French Palestinian Days was to:

  • Promote the attractiveness of the French higher education system,
  • Develop academic and scientific partnerships between France and Palestine higher education actors to enhance coordinated student mobility’s, 
  • Strengthen and develop the French-Palestinian cooperation in the academic and research area.
  • Promote the French expertise in terms of professional integration and collaborative research. 

A wide range of topics were discussed during these two days, such as the French and Palestinian decentralized cooperation, with a specific focus on the research program Al Maqdisi, research issues and perspectives, governance methods in higher education and the students’ support and assistance towards technical and vocational training, and professional integration. A particular attention was given to the exchange of good practices and sharing experiences.

Dr. Haj Daoud presented on his first intervention, an overview about Academy programs and activities, with specie focus on the Science Bridges implemented by the Academy. The second intervention was directed about the cooperation perspectives between Academy and the French Academy of Sciences, summarizing the main points agreed on during an official visit to France in December 2018, including the signing of memorandums of understanding and agreements on specific topics, and the organization of a number of joint scientific events. It was also agreed to organize a visit by a high-level delegation from the French system of science and technology to Palestine. The two sides discussed during an official visit in December 2018 the establishment of the Palestinian-French Science Bridge along the lines of the Palestinian German Science Bridge and the Palestine-Quebec Science Bridge, implemented by the Academy in cooperation with partners in Germany and Canada. At the end, it was agreed that a comprehensive follow up will be with French Consulate in Jerusalem that aims to strengthen the relationship between Palestine and France.


The delegation visited the City of Science and Industry; it is the biggest science museum in Europe. It is one of the French Cultural Centers of Science, Technology, and Industry (CCSTI), promoting science and science culture.

Then the UNESCO office in Paris hosted a closing cocktail for the Palestinian Delegation, under the patronage of the Palestinian Ambassador Elias Sanbar, Permanent Delegation of Palestine to UNESCO and Ambassador Veronique Roger-Lacan, Permanent Delegation of France to UNESCO, and Alternate Permanent Delegate Ambassador H.E. Mounir Anastas, and the Palestinian Minister of Culture H.E. Atef Abu Saif.


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