The Academy participates in the Higher Education Thematic Working Group Meeting

The Academy participates in the Higher Education Thematic Working Group Meeting

25 May, 2021

The Academy has participated as a member in the Higher Education Thematic Working Group Meeting that was held on 6 May online and organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research MoHESR and UNESCO Ramallah Office

The meeting was commenced by Dr. Ahmed Othman, D.G. for Development & Scientific Research at MoHESR, who welcomed participants from all national institutions. In his speech, he gave an account of the latest developments and various programs implemented by the Ministry during the year, and he demonstrated The Ministry’s policies, strategic approach, and response to COVID-19, including the Strategy and Action Plan development, By-laws, E-learning, and scientific research. He pointed out that this meeting comes as part of the initiative of cooperation with donor partners. The Ministry emphasized that it has dealt with the current conditions imposed by the pandemic in a way that ensures the continuation of the development process at the level of higher education, and has worked in cooperation with UNESCO to develop a new strategy and action plan, appreciating the partnership within this group to serve the higher education sector in Palestine.

The next speaker was Mr. Samer Moussa, Acting Director General of Technical Education, who spoke on the interest that the Ministry attaches to the technical education sector. He also spoke about its development plans for the higher education sector to ensure the preservation of the quality of education and the alignment of its outputs with the needs of the labor market.
In her address, the Head of the UNESCO Office in Palestine, Dr. Noha Bawazir, valued the partnership with "higher education", which is shown through many joint programs and projects to improve the higher education sector, stressing that every effort should be made to move forward in the development process in a way that contributes to improving the quality of higher education and its suitability to the needs of the labor market.

She was followed by UNESCO consultant who gave a presentation on Palestine Labour Market Information Research on Demand for Jobs and Skills. This was followed by another presentation by GIZ on job opportunities to Palestinian Youth (MJO) Programme, Finally a conducting presentation by Birzeit University to present the “Teacher Education Project”.

The meeting was concluded with an open discussion on the next steps, including strengthening the Thematic Group’s functioning and its synergies with the Education Sector Working Group ESWG.

At the end, the participants concluded with the following recommendations:

  1. Initiate and maintain coordination, communication and support for TWG members.
  2. Invite relevant experts and officials as appropriate to participate in TWG and ESWG meetings.
  3. Follow up on decisions taken by the group. Based on the discussion during the meeting, revise the TORs of the TWG and send to the group before the next meeting.

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