The Academy Proceeds Toward Palestinian for Communications and Informatics Society (PCIS)

The Academy Proceeds Toward Palestinian for Communications and Informatics Society (PCIS)

24 August, 2020

After the Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, and agriculture Societies: The Academy proceeds toward Palestinian Communications and Informatics Society (PCIS).

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology host a meeting to launch the Palestinian Communications and informatics Society in Palestine. In cooperation and partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation-Jerusalem, via video conference with attendance from Palestinian universities from the West Bank and Gaza and abroad, as official representatives of their universities and specializations, and to be members of society founding council. 
The meeting was started by Academy, introducing the Academy as a State institution that draws national science and technology policies, coordinates priorities with the relevant parties; and takes care of initiatives, activities, and researchers.  And mentioned the vital role of scientific societies, its major historic role in other countries, and anticipated role in the national context.

the Academy seeks to institutionalize the roles and functions of the Scientific Societies and to ensure they have an active role in creating sustainable programs,  to be considered national priorities, and to ensure their participation in the development of science and technology, in Palestine.  

The participants gave suggestions for future activities, such as coordinating with specialists in Palestinian universities and Private sector and benefiting from their relations toward international networking, participating in international conferences, and building a cooperation network.

The meeting recommended holding a several meetings, to gradually establish the Communication and informatics internal bylaws, membership and duties.

At the end of the meeting, the participants suggested the formation of a complimentary support system for the PCIS that bring together West Bank and Gaza universities.  Dr. Ashraf Al-Rimawi, of Birzeit University, was nominated as coordinator of the PSCI, with Dr. Ezzaldeen Edwan of Palestine Technical College - Deir El-Balah, Gaza, as Deputy.  while expanding the Founding Council  to include members from Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, and private sector organizations active in the field, such as Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA),  in addition to experts representatives from private sector through PITA, and a representative from the diaspora as well as an expert from 48 territories. 

It is worth mentioning that the scientific societies are at the core of the Academy’s strategic vision because it is through such societies that Palestinian researchers and scientists who made significant achievements in the Diaspora can be brought home. The Academy strives to create databases with the names of scientists and researchers locally and at the Diaspora, which will encourage communication between them.