Best Paper Evaluation in ICPET 2020 awards offered by Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, with FNF Sponsorship

Best Paper Evaluation in ICPET 2020 awards offered by Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, with FNF Sponsorship

19 December, 2020

Eight papers won the awards for the best paper evaluation in each of the eight conference sessions at the conclusion of the 2020 International Conference on Promising Electronic Technology ICPET 2020

Awards are approved by the Palestinian Communications and Informatics Society (PCIS), which is a society established under the umbrella of the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST), the technical sponsor of the conference.

Award will cover the participation fees for the winning papers through funding from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) - Jerusalem branch – Jerusalem. It should be noted that all accepted papers will be sent for inclusion at the prestigious IEEE Xplore digital library, and will be Scopus database.

The symbolic prize was awarded for as follows:

First Session: Technology in the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Title: COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-ray scans using machine learning 
Authors: Duaa Eljamassi and Ashraf Maghari   

Second Session: IoT and Smart Systems 
Title: Smart System to Avoid Car Accidents 
Authors: Muhammed Saffarini, Rasha Saffarini and Isam Ishaq 

Third Session: Circuits and Communication Systems
Title: A Study of Low Complexity Antenna Selection Algorithms for Signed Quadrature Spatial Modulation 
Authors: Ammar Abu-Hudrouss, Hassan Al Nahhal, Ibrahim Mousa and Khaled Issa

Fourth Session: Machine Learning &Artificial Intelligence
Title: Automatic Analytics Model for Learning Skills Analysis Using Game Player Data and Robotic Process Automation in a Serious Game for Education 
Authors: Radwan Qasrawi, Malak Amro and Rashid Jayousi

Fifth Session: Solar Cells, Materials and Energy
Title: Optimizing solar-thermal collector’s angles to enhance useful energy gain 
Authors: Mohamed Elnaggar, Hala El-Khozondar, Ezzaldeen Edwan, Rawan Abu Mutlaq, Ahmed Harb and Amir Awad

Sixth Session: Cryptography, Routing Protocols, Privacy and Security
Title: Hybrid Cryptosystem Using Quasi Group and Chaotic Maps Applied on 1D Data 
Authors: Heba Abughali and Mohammed Mikki

Seventh Session: Image Processing
Title: Computer-based Detection of Glaucoma Using Fundus Image Processing 
Authors: Ahmed Ghorab, Mohammed Al-Rousan and Wisam Shihadeh

Eighth Session: Developing Algorithms 
Title: Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Optimized Classification 
Authors: Thabit Sabbah