Dr. Thabat Khatib “PYA co-founder” speech | open waves by TEDxAlSaaSquare

Dr. Thabat Khatib “PYA co-founder” speech | open waves by TEDxAlSaaSquare

28 June, 2020

Dr. Thabat Khatib, co-founder of Palestine Young Academy (PYA), was invited by TEDx to participate in the organisation’s virtual event titled “TEDxAlSaaSquare”. The theme of the event was open waves and it included creative ideas, challenges and achievements from all over Palestine. During her speech, Dr. Thabat talked about the idea behind the establishment of Palestine Young Academy. Watch her for further information about the academy and how you can join it.


Thabat Khatib is a neuroscientist keen on studying diseases (mainly neurodegenerative ones), different neural circuitry and molecular pathways in the body, understanding how our brains function, and working on projects with therapeutic translation to improve lives. Thabat and her team in the UK have two patents on drugs they developed that could be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease. She is one of the founding members of “Palestine Young Academy” that aims to give a voice to young Palestinians and empower them in different life aspects.

TEDxAlSaaSquare is an inspiring event that concentrates on the theme of OPEN WAVES, in which revolves around exchanging knowledge and information between outstanding individual as senders and outstanding audience as receivers in order to create the connection channel for new achievements and impacts in the local community.