Evaluation of Scientific and Technological capabilities in MEditerranean countries- ESTIME project

Evaluation of Scientific and Technological capabilities in MEditerranean countries- ESTIME project

28 February, 2007

The Palestine Academy has signed a partnership agreement with the “Institut de Recherche pour le Développement”, a French public and technological establishment, referred to hereinafter as ‘IRD’, for the implementation of the research project entitled “Evaluation of Science, Technology and Innovation capabilities in the Mediterranean Countries” (ESTIME project), involving eight research partners countries of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestinian Territories).
 The project in financed through the Euro-Mediterranean sixth framework program (FP6) from 2004 – February 2007.

The ESTIME project aims at the description of the scientific and technological capabilities in Mediterranean countries. The project is willing to contribute at the closer links between the European research space and the Mediterranean one, by providing precise indications on research, technological development, and innovation in the Mediterranean countries, supported by empirical investigations and a thorough revision of sources of information. The main purpose is to provide a description and analysis of the science and technology research system in the Mediterranean participating countries (MPC).

PALAST has prepared and circulated two comprehensive institutional questionnaires to all Palestinian universities and research centers, the first questionnaire was about the Status of Palestinian Universities, and the other is about cooperation between Academic Institutions. The questionnaires were analyzed and data were interpreted. The second task was to conduct a series of more than twenty qualitative interviews with known researchers, from academic Institutions in order to attain a diverse and comprehensive view of the state of play of scientific research in Palestine and to hear the recommendations and experiences of people directly involved.

Based on the outcomes of the tasks, a country report on S&T was developed by PALAST "Scientific Research in Palestinian institutions" which included three sections. The first explores the national research system in Palestine, and include a brief background on the institutional framework and the scientific and technological potential, also shed light on the funding of research and policy in S&T.

The second section reviews the dynamic of research and means of activating scientific research and developing it in Palestine, based on previous studies and on our own study. This section is also reviews the cooperation and coordination mechanisms among institutions.
The third section focuses on the uses of research and the Work done in the country on the uses of research, and what is the role of intermediate organizations for promoting innovation, and shed light on Innovation and R&D in enterprises.

The Academy, being the main Palestinian partner of the project, has participated in the meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership project ESTIME, which took place in Casablanca, Morocco, from 23rd – 25th November, 2006.

 During the meeting, the academy Secretary General Dr. Imad Khatib presented the “Potential of Innovation in Palestinian National Authority (PNA)”.

Recently, STI Observatory at PALAST will working on  bibliographical database, which would permit to measure the research activity in Palestine, PALAST will undertake a preliminary recollection of bibliographical material with PCBS which would permit to measure the research activity in Palestine.