Five Applied Research granted for supporting private industries of PFI within FNS sponsorship

Five Applied Research granted for supporting private industries of PFI within FNS sponsorship

23 October, 2020

The evaluation scientific Committee is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Applied research for supporting private industries of PFI with Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNS) sponsorship in the following five topics: 

  • Manufacture of concave mirrors, cooperation between Birzeit University and Crystal Abu Sneina Company for Glass Technology in Hebron (in Ar)
  • The Development of a Unique Environment Friendly Bags Production Line, , cooperation between Al-Quds University and Dynamic Co. for Packaging & Manufacturing Ltd in Ramallah (in Ar)
  • Effect of Added Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) on Mechanical Properties of Virgin and Recycled Polyethylene, cooperation between Hebron University and Industry and Trade Quatrain Co in Hebron (in Ar)
  • Development of Radiation Shielding Glass Prototype from Solid Waste, cooperation between Al Azhar University Gaza and Fatahi Deeb Company for Plastic Industries in Gaza (in Ar)
  • Sustainable Management of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants under Organic Farming in Palestine, cooperation between NARC and Al’Ard Palestinian Agri-Products Ltd. In Nablus (in Ar)

The Academy emphasized the important of this kind of contribution toward strengthening of the R&D capacities and building mutually beneficial collaboration between Science and industry of the private sector, that build the concrete triple helix model in Palestine, and strengthen the trilateral collaboration, by introducing these models as examples, that may trigger the right mechanism for this kind of vital partnership (Academia Industry Cooperation).

On behalf of the Scientific Committee and PFI, we look forward to future work with the applied research and are optimistic that this cooperation will have a positive impact on both our current and long-term joint activities.