Introductory meeting with Dr Marek Hrubec from Czech Academy of Science toward establishing Palestinian Czech Science Bridge

Introductory meeting with Dr Marek Hrubec from Czech Academy of Science toward establishing Palestinian Czech Science Bridge

6 September, 2019

The Academy hosted a meeting in Ramallah office between the Academy’s staff and members of the advisory and steering committee of the Palestinian-German and Quebec science bridges (West Bank and Gaza Strip) and Dr Marek Hrubec from the  Czech Academy of Sciences, particularly the director of the Center of Global Studies and Coordinator of the strategic research program Global Conflicts and Local Interactions, aiming at establishing research cooperation agreement between Palestine Academy and the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

Participants attended include:

West Bank: Dr. Abdalla Sayyed Ahmad-Birzeit University, Dr. Ayed Salameh - Hebron University, Dr. Murad Abu Sbeih - Palestine Polytechnic University, Dr. Hussein Shanak and Dr. Rana Samara - Palestine Technical University Khadouri, Dr. Jamil Khader - Bethlehem University, Dr. Ahmed Hasasneh – Al Ahliya University, Dr. Samer Jarrar, Dr. Mohammed Shaheen and Dr. Khaled Al-Khasib from Palestine Academy. 

Gaza (via skipe): Dr. Mohammed Hamdan - Gaza University, Dr. Nihad Al-Yaziji, Ramez Soboh, Al-Aqsa University Dr. Abdel Fattah Karaman, Al-Israa University, Dr. Rawia Awadallah, Islamic University, Dr. Ayman Sobh, President of Al-Aqsa University, Dr. Farid Al-Qeeq, President of Gaza University.

After an introduction of participants and an overview of the organizational structure and functions of PALAST presented by Dr Rana Samara, Dr Hrubec reminded mutual visits of Czech and Palestinian Ministers of Foreign Affairs last and this years aiming at bigger cooperation, and also communication with both the diplomatic sides. He provided an overview of the Czech Academy of Science’ structure, mission, functions and research departments, with a focus on cooperation and research of global-local conflict interactions. The Czech Academy hosts life and non-life sciences, the humanities and the social sciences. He indicated that there are 54 research institutes with more than 400 research departments and around 8000 employees at CAS. He expressed great interest and commitment to establish a joint working relationship with PALAST and Palestinian universities. Then the participants were allowed questions around how best we can move forward for establishing joint Palestinian-Czech research cooperative projects. Dr Hrubec provided several track possibilities to work with PALAST and Palestinian universities; the first is through establishing Palestinian-Czech Science, Humanities and Social Sciences Bridge (PCSHSSB) through signing an agreements between the academies, institutes and universities to facilitate such cooperation. The other track is through applying to Czech development aid-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

On Wednesday 04 September, Dr. Hrubec with the Academy Staff visited Palestine Polytechnic University PPU, in presence of representatives from Hebron Universitythe president Prof. Imad Khatib stressed the importance of Dr. Hruebec visit to Palestine to facilitate the support for joint academic and research exchanges between scientists and researchers in both countries.

On Thursday 05 September, Dr. Hrubec with the Academy Staff visited Palestine Technical University Kadoori (PTUK) in presence of representatives from the Arab American University Palestine (AAUP) and Al Quds Open University (QOU).

PTUK president Dr. Nouaidin Abualrub stressed the university's interest and keenness to extend bridges of research and academic cooperation with international universities and academies, in various fields, to enhance the university's scientific status, and contribute to the development of higher education and scientific research in the country.

On Friday 06 September, Dr. Hrubec with the Academy Staff visited Bethlehem University to explore the possibility of research cooperation and networking between Palestinian researchers and CAS on Humanities and Social Sciences, and had a tour at University’s Colleges.  

Afterward an introductory session was done by the three Universities which pointed out the status of scientific research at their universities, and their willingness to have cooperation projects at international level. 

Afterward, Dr. Hrubec met researchers and directors of research centers in  each of the three institutions, and gave an overview about CAS, the history of Palestinian-Czech cooperation, and addressed questions regarding the future steps of starting the joint cooperation, and expressed the interest of Czech researchers to build a cooperation research with Palestinian researchers under the umbrella of Palestine Academy for Science and Technology. Then he visited several labs at Palestinian Universities, and expressed his admiration for the high-tech level at their labs, and he expressed the interest of researchers in the Czech Republic in developing Palestinian-Czech cooperation in different areas of mutual interest of both countries.

At the end of the several meetings, the Academy welcomed the significant ideas and suggestions made by Dr. Hrubec, and hoped to follow them up aptly in due time. 

Moreover, the Academy also took the opportunity, to thank Dr Hrubec and presented him a local traditional souvenir presented by His Excellency Prof. Marwan Awartani, a painting of the Palestinian Sun birds in the presence of  the Czech Ambassador Mr. Petr Starý, head of the Representative Office of the Czech Republic in Ramallah and Ms. Candida Novák Horňáková, Development Cooperation and Economic Affairs Coordinator, to his support. 

It is worthy to mention, that this visit of Dr. Marek Hrubec from CAS, was initiated under the full coordination of the Palestinian Embassy in Prague and with the great effort of HE Khalid Al Atrash, the Palestinian ambassador in Prague, and Dr. Khalid Khasseb, the representative of Palestine Academy at international level, the Academy was much honored to have Dr. Khaseeb among Academy Staff and appreciate his supportive efforts and communications with Palestinian Embassies and Scientific Institutions all over the world, toward promoting the role of Academy at international level, and enhancing the status of scientific research and education at national level.

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