The Ministry of Education launches the second phase of the “STEM Palestine” program, in partnership with “Higher Education, Palestinian Universities and Institutions.”

The Ministry of Education launches the second phase of the “STEM Palestine” program, in partnership with “Higher Education, Palestinian Universities and Institutions.”

7 July, 2021

The Ministry of Education, in cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and partner universities and institutions, launched at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education the second phase of the program to stimulate interest science, mathematics, technology and engineering “STEM Palestine", It's intended to develop higher-order thinking skills, innovation and life skills among Students, as the program targets schools and universities in the country.

This came under the auspices and participation of the Ministers of Education, Prof. Marwan Awartani, and higher education and scientific research, Prof. Mahmoud Abu Moais, and in the presence of the Deputy "Education" Dr. Basri Saleh, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs Tharwat Zaid, representatives of Palestinian universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, civil society institutions working in the fields of science and technology, and a number of general managers in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education.

In this context, Awartani stressed the importance of rooting the “STEM” approach among students and considering it an integral part of the educational system. By adopting scientific research methods and skills of observation, exploration, analysis and thinking, noting that the Ministry seeks; To provide all possibilities to develop the skills of its students; To prepare a generation of thinkers, Start -uppers and researchers.

Awartani stressed the ministry’s interest in strengthening the integrative and inclusive partnership in this path with the Ministry of Higher Education and partner universities and institutions, and investing all its capabilities; To serve the program’s goals , pointing  in the same context to the real interaction of the “Exploring  Science” program between students, scientists and researchers in  aboard  ; This proves  the students' passion for exploration and their desire to engage with scientists and benefit from them and their ability to think about the issues that concern them.

In turn, Abu Mowais affirmed the strategic partnership between the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, to ensure the improvement of the quality of education and the improvement of its outputs. As a societal responsibility, he valued the partnership with civil society, including higher education institutions, noting that universities, which have already started using integrative programs and courses; It has a big responsibility to support the efforts of the Ministry of Education to implement the STEM curve and to provide a suitable  environment for its success.

Abu Mowais pointed to the support of "higher education"   by guidance the universities , to develop teacher qualification  programs before and during the service; to include concepts and skills STEM   to ensure that teachers are able to achieve integrative,  and  Develop teachers’ research capabilities in science, mathematics, engineering and technology , then it is reflected in  the students;  Which qualifies them to engage in the university level with advanced thinking, scientific skills, and the ability to develop and innovate.

In his welcoming speech, The Director General of Educational Supervision and Qualification, Ayoub Alyan, stressed the importance of maintaining the continuity of the program, based on the continuous successes it has achieved, pointing to the need to promote a culture of integrative education; To deepen students' thinking.

The representative of the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, Dr. Ayman Haj Daoud gave a presentation on the Exploring Science Program and its role in inspiring the next generation of innovators, He stressed the importance of benefiting from the knowledge and scientific spaces, and making the students able to dialogue  with scientists, simulate their experiences, learn about their research experiences and use them in education.
The Director of the Training Department in the General Administration of Supervision, Maree Al-Sous, reviewed the most prominent achievements that have been achieved through Stem Palestine in its first phase, referring to some of the axes that will be worked on; In line with the ministry's policy, challenges and future visions.

During the meeting, representatives of universities and partner institutions reviewed the implementation plans of the program, The field of discussion was also opened for the audience to talk  about the future prospects of the program and the mechanisms for its implementation in an included and integrative approach.

STEM Workshop Materials by MoE

Universities’ & Institutions presentations in the launching workshop for the 2nd phase of the STEM program

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