Nine New PYA Members approved by PYA Advisory Board

Nine New PYA Members approved by PYA Advisory Board

25 November, 2020

Palestine Young Academy (PYA) and Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) hosted their second virtual meeting with the Advisory Board of PYA on Saturday 14 November 2020. 

The meeting was inaugurated by PYA Founding Members, who welcomed the Advisory Board members, and provided general information about PYA, its goals, memberships conditions and provided a general background on the methodology of selections of the new members, inspired by the GYA and AGYA, and adopted in the evaluation process of the new PYA members, including the criteria aiming the diversity in the membership of the PYA (regions, disciplines and gender), which were implemented by the evaluation committee compromised from the deans of scientific research in Palestinian universities, members from the Global Young Academy GYA and the Arab-German Young Academy AGYA.

Finally, the PYA Advisory Board approved the newly selected members for this year, and they will support the PYA founding members in exerting more efforts in the next call to attract more applications from abroad.