Palestine Hosts Governors Meeting of the Cener for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries (NAM S&T CENTRE)

Palestine Hosts Governors Meeting of the Cener for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries (NAM S&T CENTRE)

5 October, 2022

Palestine Academy of Science and Technology participated in  the second session of the board of governors meeting for the Centre of Science and Technology of Non-aligned and other Developing Countries (NAM S&T CENTRE)  , which is organized by the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, with the participation of 50 countries via "Video Conference". Palestine has a position as a Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Centre for Science and Technology of Non-Aligned Countries.

The Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence thanked the Member Countries for their outstanding role and their continued readiness for supporting Palestine in international forums. This partnership strengthens laws that support the development of science and technology and builds scientific partnerships based on usefulness and knowledge exchange. This is through the participation of higher education institutions and research centers. The Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence hopes for experts in Non-Aligned Countries to help Palestine in establishing the Scientific Research Complex, which in the future will be the actual nucleus of scientific and technological innovations in Palestine.

Several members of the higher council for Innovation and excellence, as well as ambassadors of South Africa, Sri Lanka, and a representative of the Egyptian embassy in Palestine participated in the meeting.

The Science and Technology Center for "Non-Aligned States" operates in priority areas that ensure the overall prosperity and well-being of developing countries through the application of science and technology that is beneficial to communities in these countries. These scientific areas include agricultural biotechnology, advanced materials science and engineering, natural disaster management, construction engineering, food processing, microelectronics, science popularization science centers & science museums, information, and communications technology, bio-safety, and bio-ethical Issues, protection of Intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge, science, and technology policy, a public-private partnership for technological innovation, non-conventional energy sources, rural applications, technology transfer, science & technology for Society and S&T for Women, ecology, environment, biodiversity and any subject relevant to the social and economic development of the non-aligned movement, and other developing countries. In addition, the Center also implements a variety of scientific programs, such as international workshops, conferences, round tables, international training courses, and collaborative projects.