PGSB Advisory Committee Awarded Six Prizes to PGSB Fellows Competition Videos

PGSB Advisory Committee Awarded Six Prizes to PGSB Fellows Competition Videos

8 December, 2020

The PGSB Advisory Committee met to discuss the results of the Fellows Competition, as we received 24 videos, all of which demonstrate their enthusiasm and understanding of their research fields as well as their contributions to scientific knowledge. The Advisor Committee were very impressed with the videos and think they will be a good step in sharing knowledge to an international audience of people interested in research. 
On behalf of the entire advisory committee, congratulation to everyone who made a contribution. In addition to the competition and the value to the PGSB. 

The Advisory Committee awarded the prizes to the following outstanding videos:   

  • Best presentation from an undergraduate: Sara Abu Zayed (Birzeit University/ZEA-1) for her presentation ‘Measurement of deformation due to thermal effect on a carbon fiber composite structure using digital image correlation’ 

Best presentations from PhD Fellows (alphabetical order) 

  • Abdalhalim Abuawad (IBI-3) for his presentation ‘Development of magnetic based biological sensors for the detection of Brucella spp’  
  • Falastine Abusaif (IKP-2) for her presentation ‘Development of compact, highly sensitive beam position monitors for storage rings’ 
  • Hebah Fatafta (IBI-7) for her presentation ‘The simulation of amyloid aggregation under in vivo conditions’
  • Hanan Hamamera (IAS-1) for her presentation ‘Ultrafast charge, spin and orbital physics’
  • Lotfi Talalwa (ZEA-1/INM-4) for his presentation ‘Development of a dedicated brain phantom for hybrid PET/MRI acquisition’  

The videos and results of the competition were published on the PGSB-FZJ and PALAST homepages.