The second season of "Exploring Science" was launched with a lecture on the medical journalism

The second season of "Exploring Science" was launched with a lecture on the medical journalism

22 February, 2022

In cooperation with the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence launched the first episode of the "Explore Science" program in its second season virtually.

Dr. Osama Abu Al-Rub was the guest of this episode. He is an expert, trainer, and medical editor at the Al-Jazeera channel, and he gave a distinguished lecture entitled: "Medical Journalism - When the Beast We Fight Is Bigger than Germs," which attracted the audience's interaction.



Abu Al-Rub discussed in the meeting - which the two students moderated; Hind Muslim and Marah Abdullah from Directorate of Education - South of Nablus- The role of the medical press in the time of Covid-19 and its mission in combating misinformation, enhancing public confidence in doctors and its role in saving lives, pointing to some models and examples related to the information epidemic and media disinformation during the pandemic. The Exploring Science Program hosted Dr. Abd El Salam Al-Khayat, Vice President of An-Najah University for Academic Affairs, as an expert on the seminar's topic.

At the beginning of the meeting, His Excellency the Minister of Education, Prof. Marwan Awartani said that this program would be launched in its second edition after what the first season revealed about the excellence and a strong desire of students to get to know, explore, and to interview the guest scientists and researchers. He praised the guest Abu Al-Rub and his experience in this field of knowledge.

The meeting lasted for two and a half hours, during which the students excelled in their enthusiasm and distinguished questions, which confirm the advanced level that our students have reached in critical thinking, scientific and social awareness, and their effort and academic excellence.