Dr. Mahmoud Radwan

Dr. Mahmoud Radwan

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
World Health Organization- Palestinian National Institute of Public Health

Specialization: Health Policy and Management

FRQ Research Area: Health Sciences

Host university: McGill University 

Host Department: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health, Faculty of Medicine. 

Canadian Partner: Prof. James (Jay) Brophy

Research Domain: Non-communicable Diseases (Diabetes Mellitus).

Research Project Title: “Effectiveness of SMS Educational Short Messages on Diabetes Self-Management and Glycemic Control: Randomized Controlled Trial”

Research Project Purpose: the study aims at assessing the effectiveness of SMS education among diabetic patients in Gaza, and assess the influence of educational text messages, compared to existing methods of awareness, on self-management behaviors and glycemic control. Three months of 2-arm Randomized Controlled Trial with a sample of 132 patients will be employed. 

Expected Results: It is highly expected that the results of this experimental study would provide empirical evidence about the effectiveness of using the m-health technology in low resource countries such as Gaza, Palestine.