Prof. Jamil Khader

Prof. Jamil Khader

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
Bethlehem University

Department: English/ Deanship of Research

Faculty: Arts

Specialization: postcolonial literature and culture

FRQ Research Area: Society and Culture Sciences

Host university: Université Laval, Québec

Host Department: CELAT--Center for Cultures - Arts – Societies

Canadian Partner: Prof.  Allison Bain

Research Domain: Research and development, research infrastructure in the soft sciences

Research Project Title: Center for the study of Palestinian art culture and society

Research Project Purpose: The Center for the study of Palestinian Art, Culture and Society aims to develop the research infrastructure needed in the soft sciences that can contribute to the public understanding of the value, meaning, and processes underpinning the production of Palestinian culture, art and society within regional and global dynamics. This idea is modeled after the structure of mission of CELAT (Center for Cultures - Arts – Societies), Laval University. 

Expected Results: Develop research clusters that advance knowledge in the field in the context of cutting-edge research in the field; collaborate and partner with research centers around the world; and offer research training workshops for junior researchers and graduate students as well as mentoring networks.