Prof. Sofyan A. Taya 

Prof. Sofyan A. Taya 

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
Islamic University of Gaza 

Department: Physics Department 

Faculty: Faculty of Science 

Specialization: Physics 

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology – (Optoelectronics)  

Host university:  University of Montréal 

Host Department: Department of Physics

Canadian Partner: Professor Dr. Ahmad Hamdan 

Research Domain: Optical sensors 

Research Project Title: Improvement of the sensitivity of slab waveguide and optical fiber sensors

Research Project Purposes: 

  • Exploring multilayer slab waveguide structures (more than three layers) for the purpose of optical biosensing. 
  • Investigation of the effect of anisotropic materials on the sensitivity of slab waveguide structures. 
  • Studying of more photonic crystals (binary and ternary) with different structures and different number of layers for biosensing. 

Expected Results: Obtaining highly sensitive optical waveguide and optical fiber biosensors.