Fellows & Honorary Members


Membership in the academy is dependent on merit and academic achievements. To address the asymmetry of scientific engagement between home and abroad; i.e. between Palestinian scholars in the country and in the Diaspora, three levels of membership are instated:

Associate Fellows

Associate fellows are senior scholars who have a track record of sustained academic contributions to research and education through articles, books, art works; or contributions to nation building and development via institutional engagements of high responsibility in Palestinian academic institutions

Elected Fellows

Elected fellows are world renowned scholars of an international caliber who (1) have made significant and sustained intellectual contributions of measurable impact to the sciences, technology, arts and humanities; and (2) promise to play a leading role in supporting the arts, science and technology in Palestine in the future. Most importantly, the elected members form the core of the Academy, ensuring its future, not least through annual nomination and election of new members into the Academy.

Honorary Members

Foreign Honorary Members are elected on the same merit basis as Elected Members. Additionally, they are scholars who support the Academy goals and objectives, and who are ready to contribute in their different capacities to the advancement of science, research and innovation in Palestine. The Academy has 15 distinguished foreign fellows from Western and Eastern countries who are world renowned science leaders.

Meet our Honorary members

Election process

In the election, each division has a nomination committee that would bring forward an equal number of nominees. Nominations start at the branch level, and are vetted at the division level; then brought forward for voting to the Academy’s election committee. At the start-up of the Academy, the election committee is composed of an International Advisory Board of. As the role of the advisory board gradually diminishes over time, membership in this election committee should be on a rotating basis, and by vote of the divisions.

Fully aware of the asymmetry in scientific opportunities and engagement between Palestinian scholars at home and in diaspora, the selection of members from the resident and expatriate scholars will be wisely calibrated to ensure prudent balance and to avoid making the Academy an offshore institution.

Members privileges and responsibilities

  • The Academy will promote the leadership roles of associate members through societies and disciplinary Institutes (such as Math & Physics Institute) that are expected to emerge from and to be supported by the Academy. These institutes provide a meeting place for researchers from home and abroad. In addition, they are expected to sponsor various semester-long thematic activities.
  • Academy specific newsletter, webpages and linked-In type of social media, for all members of the Academy to communicate, promote and highlight the scientific, literary and artistic productions and achievements of its members.
  • An Award and Recognition System to promote and increase the national and international visibility of members; and to establish high quality prizes to enhance the competition and recognition of the distinguished members.
  • Within the scope and outlook of the Academy as it matures, is an addition of a Youth Academy under its auspices. The rationale behind the Youth Academy is two-fold: To early-on promote and give visibility to promising Palestinian scholars at home and abroad; while providing an intellectual “home” for the next generation of scientists from the diaspora to engage with Palestine in the Arts, Science and Technology.